The International Waterbike Regatta 2024 in Flensburg



What is the IWR?

The International Waterbike Regatta (IWR for short) has existed since 1980 and is considered "the largest student water sports event in Europe" [Förderacer FH Kiel] with several hundred participants. Student teams from all over Europe travel once a year to a different venue to compete in various disciplines with their self-built pedal boats. These boats are by no means comparable to the excursion boats from the quarry pond but are constructions trimmed for efficiency or fancy design. Most of the participants have a background in marine engineering or shipbuilding so the knowledge learned in the lectures flows into the construction of the boats. Disciplines include acceleration races, long-distance races, measuring bollard pull or forward-stop-backward. There are hardly any rules, the important thing is that the boats are self-built, the propulsive power comes from the legs and you have fun at the event.





What are we planning in 2024?

IWR 2024 is planned to take place here in Flensburg during the Whitsun week from 15-18 May 2024. We expect about 400 student participants from all over Europe and over 100 day guests on the event days. Unlike usual, these days will be hard fought for the "points in Flensburg". Besides the competitions, there will also be plenty of time for networking and talking shop.